How To Create JSON for to send to Sendgrid Dynamic Template?

I’ve never created a JSON before and need to send some data from bubble into a Dynamic Sendgrid Template.

How do I do this exactly inside of Bubble?

Has anyone used Dynamic Sendgrid Templates before?

Hey Justin,

Are you using a plugin or making the api connection yourself?

Using the Sendgrid plugin that allows dynamic templates

If you’re using the plugin built by Copilot, there’s a component called “Substitution tags” in the workflow editor where you can send dynamic data to your Sendgrid template. Their documentation is pretty clear for this step. Just click on “show documentation” under the “Set another key/value” button. Hope this helps.


Though requires a bit of reading, you can use jsoNest plugin if you want to send nested json. Have used it and proved very useful when using dynamic templates in Sendgrid with optional sections.

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Yeah but im trying to send a list/array not fixed items to be infected into a fixed Sendgrid template

So im trying to figure out how to inject an array into a sendgrid email.

I believe arrays will work with this. I know that I’ve used a key value pair that had an array of strings for the value and it worked just fine.

Did you find a solution using jsoNest plugin?

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