Can't position buttons freely

I just can’t move the buttons to the location I want, freely. How can I fix this? I’m new to Bubble.
Has anyone else experienced this?

What is your container layout on the element you want to add the button on?

For what it’s worth, that’s the wrong question at this stage of the game, friend.

You simply don’t know how responsiveness works in Bubble, and you should consider taking a step back and taking advantage of the ton of great educational content out there before firing off questions in the forum. Nobody is going to stop you from doing the latter, of course, but it is one of the worst ways to try to get up Bubble’s steep learning curve.


Bubble does market itself as a drag and drop builder, which I guess is true if you set your container layout to ‘Fixed’, after which you’ll be able to drag your button around freely. You can go ahead and try it.
While this does give Bubble the right to call itself a drag and drop builder, nobody building anything serious will use this. They will use the flexbox engine which snaps element edges together and allows for proper responsive design, and does not allow for drag and drop.
As @mikeloc recommends, its a good time to research how the responsive engine works.

To try the drag and drop stuff, (which i really dont recommned :sweat_smile: ) set the second’s columns ‘Container layout’ to 'Fixed)


Understood that the initial question may not have been the most appropriate. I appreciate your opinion, even if it’s just that. Nevertheless, I am willing to learn. Could you recommend some educational resources to understand how responsiveness works in Bubble? I appreciate your help. I believe that’s what this forum is all about :slight_smile:

¡Thanks, guys! I’m learning through practice, and I’m certain I don’t understand even a thousandth part of this world. Thanks for taking the time to respond! I’ll keep learning!

Yup, just an opinion, albeit a pretty darned informed one. :slight_smile:

It can’t hurt to start with Bubble’s own short tutorial video, and you can branch out from there to longer tutorials such as this one and this one.

Oh, and don’t underestimate the power of a good ol’ fashioned Google search with at the beginning (in this case, you could search for new responsive engine). Yeah, I know it’s lame to still use Google, but I’m old and set in my ways. :wink:

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