Positioning UI elements through drag and drop

Hello members,

I am new to bubble and using the free plan to explore the bubble app. I have been using the UI builder but finding it extremely annoying that when I drag and drop any element from the left hand panel, I can only either align it to the left, right, centre, or assign margins. I am not able to drag the element around the screen so the settings adjust - but I have seen the videos and this is possible. Am I missing some setting?

Since I cannot simply drag and position the UI element anywhere I want, as I add more elements, the new elements overlay with other existing elements, and I have to keep editing the margins and positions manually, which is very time consuming.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you want to be able to ‘drag and drop’, change the container layout to ‘Fixed’. You’d probably have to change the page’s container layout to fixed.

‘Fixed’ container layout is the only container layout where you can drag and drop, however it is not truly capable of responsive design and its generally the worst of the container layouts. It can be good to play around, however if you want to learn how to build properly, i would recommend watching tutorials and learning the ‘Bubble Responsive Engine’.
There are plenty of videos on youtube, and they are definitely worth the time :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

As @nico.dicagno says, i only add some resource which are from best of best in bubble developer;

Thank you very much @nico.dicagno - this is a great tip. I have changed the container type and it works like a charm. Understood that this may not be the best for responsive designs. I’ll learn as I test on actual devices.

I’ll also watch the bubble responsive engine tutorial as you’ve suggested. Thanks again.

Thank you @Baloshi69 , I’ll check these tutorials.