Can't POST a file uploaded to Bubble(because of S3)

Hi guys,
I send a request to the external API. I want to send the uploaded Bubble file(image/mp4) to the external DB.

When I use a file directly from my laptop to initialize a call, I get correct request results.
When I use a file that is uploaded to Bubble(and stored in S3) to initialize a call, I get uncorrect request results.

Can anybody help me?

Can you show us your post api call?

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WHERE [path], [campaignID], [AdType], [filename] are STRINGs that are used to set a proper file address.

“user-token” in Headers is a special key that I get from external API to manage user’s session.


How is your api endpoint setup on the receiving end? What is it expecting in terms of the file? Url, blob, data in a base64 encoding?

POST did not work because I used improper IDs