Upload a file in Bubble from API

Hi, is there a way to directly upload a file in Bubble S3 Bucket of my app?

I’m sending a file to be process elsewere and it take time before the processing end, so I need to do it in 2 step.

Step 1 : Sending the file, i’m all good for that.
Step 2 : Give back the file (After maybe 6 min, so it cannot be handle on the same API request)
This is where I do not know how to proceed, I have binary and text files that need to be sent back to bubble but I don’t see how. My external processing system does not handle url, so it need to send back the data directly. It may weight around 60Mo per files.

How can I do it?

I don’t know if you could use the File API. However, if you upload a lot of files of this size, it will be better to create your own S3 bucket that will be cheaper.
I’m not sure of your actually settings and case so it’s hard to know the best option for you.

Thank you, “File API” was the keyword I was missing to be able to find what I needed. I was not able to find the following JSON structure :

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