Can't POST data using data api

Hello, I am trying to post data into my bubble database from a distance ressource but I always get “Unrecognized field” error . You can see in the following images what the GET returns, and I tried setting “Content-Type” in “text/plain” and “application/json” both don’t work.

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Can you show more what you actually trying to do? Post data via the workflow API or data API?

I wrote a tutorial about doing that (also screenshots with Postman). Maybe this is helpful and you find the mistake.

The section Second example – create, modify and delete data without API-Key might the most interesting for you.

Any resolution to this? Im getting the same issue.

@drfalken Well I need more details like for which table you are adding the data

mean while generally make sure you checked this

Also you can check the privacy rules

Any luck with this? @drfalken @servanedepompignan

When I make the call to the API, the object is created, but all the data send is been ignored, it just adds a new entry with empty data.

PD: I’m only text fields only

I forgot what the actual issue was, but here’s what I have:

And then in python/flask:

@app.route('/post_json', methods=['POST'])
def process_json():
content_type = request.headers.get('Content-Type')
if (content_type == 'application/json'):
    json = request.json
    return json
    return 'Content-Type not supported!'