"POST" for an exposed Data API

Hi there!!

I am a beginner at Bubble and I need your help, please.

I have a data type called “tab_teste_api” with 3 fields: “aniversário” (date), “logotipo” (image) e “nome” (text).

My app exposes a “Data API” (same data type: “tab_teste_api”).

I´ve ever tested the API by doing a “GET” through Postman. This works fine!

Below is my EndPoint (there is no token):


However I am not able to do a “POST”. I’ve tried several ways, but I couldn’t.

I checked if there were any restrictions in the “Privacy” setting (Data), but there isn’t.

Could someone help me, please?

Thank you very much!!!

Rubens W. Blättler!

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