Can't receive my Input data

any idea why I can’t see the input’s data? I fill up all the tab as a test and my data received only the date and modify data, Thank’s!

Do you mean you created these entries in the editor? Or through workflows on your app?

I created it in the editor and the workflow is for the button send

Did you check live DB?
We don’t see which one is selected in your screenshot. But your url seem to point to the live version.
Also, check your privacy settings

It’s ON live DB mode.
What should i check on the privacy setting?

If you have privacy rule that may prevent saving data in your DB
You can send a screenshot of what you have for contacts thing

I see no problem because you don’t have privacy settings.
You can activate debug mode in live too and check step-by-step to see which data is received from your inputs (and check to be sure you are using the correct input too)