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Can't save OpenAI DALL-E images to s3

Hoping that someone has found a solution for this because I can’t find anything that works.

Using the OpenAI DALL-E API I want to save the returned image (url) to my Bubble S3, but that option is not available. I don’t know why that is, but there has to be a way to make it work.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

How did you set the response from the API?

Not sure what you’re asking.

The response from OpenAI comes back as a URL.

Change that URL field in the response to file and it auto downloads. Just make sure to also do something with the file like save it in a file field under something else so it doesn’t immediately get “orphaned”


Idk. In my case it works

@tylerboodman @Eugene_West I’m not following. The API call is set up using the API Connector Plugin.

I have a thing called “Image” with 3 different fields (so I can try all the formats). However, I still don’t get the “saved to s3” option when I try to make changes to a thing based on the API response.

After the API call action you can do what @Eugene_West showed. If you’re making changes to a Thing in your database with an image field, you set that image field to Result of [your API call action]'s image:saved to S3

Click manually enter api response click ok or save then change the url from text to file

add Step 3 then Step 4.

I appreciate all your help here guys!

@Eugene_West that was it. I had to make another step to take the url and save it to an image field. Thank you!