Can't Seem to Find a Clear Answer on User CSV export into a table

Hey all,

I have browsed the forums quite a bit, and am still confused as to if this is possible. I am looking to create a way for a user to upload a CSV file, and for that file to display as data in a table that can be manipulated. I found some usefull plugins on the table manipulation piece, but I am still unclear how to have a CSV uploaded and converted to a thing. If anyone has documentation that would be most helpful!


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Consult the reference. Note that CSV upload for users is a tiered feature of paid plans. It’s not available to just any app and not without restrictions (limited number of rows that scales higher).

Note: nobody will post a link to a simple Bubble project (a free hobby project) as its impossible to do user csv upload in such a project.

Feature originally described here:

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Thanks Keith,

Very helpful!