[New Feature] Uploading as CSV in run mode


We just added a new run-mode action that lets your users upload data as CSV. It works by picking a type of data and defining where to find the file.

Note that for performance reasons, this action is limited to 100 rows, and fields should be of type text, number, date, address and yes/no.

This action is available on paid plans. And please thank @1danielbaker for sponsoring this!


Thank You Mr. Baker :slight_smile:

Thank you very much @1danielbaker!

@daniel3 Daniel, you’re the man!! Thanks for this and thanks to team Bubble. I know a lot of people will be into this.


You’re welcome guys! Thanks Emmanuel and team for allowing me to sponsor this!


Thank you @1danielbaker

Thank you so much @1danielbaker! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much… Was waiting for this action since long time… :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys.

Thank you @1danielbaker

Awesome! it’s been long awaited…
Thank you @emmanuel and @1danielbaker


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@1danielbaker you’r da man! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @1danielbaker !!

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Thanks a lot @1danielbaker

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@emmanuel Any plans or a workaround to expand this beyond 100 records?

That’s the kind of things we can do on a dedicated plan.

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Is there a way to use the uploader so as to update existing records ?

Many thanks!

Hi @emmanuel, Can we use this CSV file data to create data entries. For example it contains data for number of shipments and i have data type as shipments i have to create shipments with the help of that CSV file is it possible?