Cant set drop down default value as dynamic data

Hey creators.

I know this has been asked a few times and I’ve made sure to read what I can before posting but it doesn’t seem like my specific issue has been addressed (forgive me if I’m wrong).

I have a list of current VIP clients, they have an assigned type of either ‘Main’, ‘General’, or ‘Potential’.

I’ve set my database up to have the list of VIP’s and used option sets for the vip types. (shown below)

  1. Add a new VIP via pop up.

  2. Data is then sent and displayed on the repeating group of cards.

  3. Edit button allows you to update VIP’s details and displays the existing data for you to edit.

  4. Current setup of my edit VIP dropdown field which isn’t working.

Can anyone please shed some advice on this for me? Sorry for long post, I wanted to get all information for you before posting to make this quick and easy if possible.


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Stop at “type” You don’t need to select “display”
The value refer directly to Option set in your case. Display is a field in Option set

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You’re my hero! thank you this worked perfectly.

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