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Dynamic Dropdown Default Value - Basic help

Oh bubble community please help :wink:

I’ve set up a dynamic drop down and want to set a default value based on the available options (in the example “DefaultValue”). In the example listed what should I have for the default value.

You can leave default value blank unless you want it pre-populated with some value that you select. Otherwise it will just say what you typed in PlaceHolder - usually I type in Select a Value in Placeholder so the user knows what to do.

Ok, but in this example (with 3 entries in the table) what would I put in the default value field if I wanted to default to the “DefaultValue” value in the table. It appears I cant just type in the field “DefaultValue” as it turns red.

Ah I see…

Ok for that you need to do a database search to populate it since it’s dynamic.

It will look like the following:

In my app - I have a table called Avatars - So I search that table. You’ll see the little window on the left. Where you set what type of data you want to set. Then you can add a constraint which is a filter - here I only want to return Type = Eyes so I set that to filter the choices only to Eyes.

Last I set the default value to tell which one I want set - so I specify “first item” of the list.

This let’s my eye dropdown be pre-populated with the first eye value by default.

Hope that helps!


Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

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