Can't store same date range multiple times in list of date ranges

Right everyone so I have encountered somewhat of an issue that perhaps may just be a feature but I think it also could be a bug?

I have an app where users can book a screen (to promote content). They can book a date range and a specific frequency of plays on the screen.

I then take the date range and store it as part of each booking in a list of date ranges HOWEVER I cannot store the same date range twice for some reason…

Does anyone know a way around this or have I encountered something broken?

Bubble de-dupes all lists, meaning you can’t have the same data more than once in a list.

As far as I know there’s no way around this in Bubble.

So you’ll probably need to re-think your database structure/design in order to achieve what you’re trying to do. It shouldn’t be too hard to restructure in a logical way.

damn ! thanks for confirming that I wasn’t going mad aha, I’ll get the db restructured

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Looks like I can solve this by adding the current date/time minute to each start date as the only part of the date I’d need is the day/month/year so basically when a new booking is created, the availability of a screen adds the start date + current date time’s minute → Range → End date

that way it’s not technically a duplicate in the db