Can't use Bubble's API Connector OAuth 2.0 with DropBox?

Has anyone successfully connected Dropbox’s API with Bubble’s API Connector?

When trying to authenticate using an OAuth2 User-Agent Flow, I get the following error:

Now, for anyone who hasn’t worked with Dropbox’s API, they do have one unique characteristic where they seem to use POST where you might otherwise expect a GET. Although, I’m hoping that’s not the problem here.

This is my current setup in the Bubble API Connector:

Honestly, I’m only using OAuth because DropBox doesn’t seem to supply long-lived tokens anymore. I don’t need users to access their DropBox accounts, this is all only for personal use and will only use my account. So, if anyone knows how to generate a long-lived token that would be great too. I’ve gotten all my calls to work with short-lived API tokens generated from my DropBox App Console. Just wish they’d let me generate a long-lived token.


Hi Tyler

I’m using this API too, I configured these URLs a little bit different.

But I didn’t have sucess, I received this error

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You have a solution for this API?

I never got it to work.

Instead, I used Make to handle all my Dropbox calls and I just setup webhooks to keep all the functionality I needed within Dropbox.

You could use Zapier or any other API product as well, Make is just much cheaper and has performed very well for me with high volumes as a middle-man in cases like this.

This is obviously much less efficient, but it works. I’d love for someone to figure out Dropbox authentication within Bubble though.

Here’s an example of a call I make:

  1. Bubble makes a call to Make

  2. Make performs the Dropbox calls I need.

  3. Make responds with JSON formatted responses I can use in Bubble to continue workflows.

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I tried many methods but without success.

The alternative was to use n8n to renew the temporary Token, it can easily make the call to dropbox.

1 - Carry out the token renewal call every 3 hours

2- Send the token to my bubble database.

Interesting. I think I like your implementation better than mine, as it’s cleaner and keeps more actions contained within Bubble.

In addition, polling a key every three hours probably isn’t as resource heavy as my more complex “on-demand” method… as long as you have enough traffic to supersede the poll anyway.

Thanks for the tip!

I just managed to renew the token via the api

1 - Pass the Header
key: Content-type
value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

2 - Add the “Json” Parameters by checking the “Queryst.”

Now I can renew automatically with Worflow API

We already have some solutions lol