Capitalise only the first word in a sentence

Can anyone help me with that? It is very basic but i can’t find the answer.


Hi there, @Valeria2… it sounds like you need the :capitalized words operator, and you might need to use the :split by operator (splitting the sentence by a space and grabbing the first item), too, in order to isolate the first word and capitalize it. Can you share some details about exactly what you are trying to do? For example, when are you trying to capitalize the word? Where are you getting the sentence from? Etc.


Hi Mike, thanks for the fast answer!

I have a Notes field where the user can type notes( words or sentences).

I would like for each sentence/string of words,
the first word to “come out” capitalised from our side, in case the user doesn’t do it themselves.

If they type: “jumper and socks.” to come out “Jumper and socks.”

You can capitalize the first word by using the find and replace shown in this thread. If you are trying to capitalize the first word in each sentence, that will be a much more difficult task, if it’s even possible at all.

Thank you!

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