Cascading data sets? Could use input

  1. I have 5 levels of roles which are in an option set App Admin (1) Org Admin (2) Project Manager (3) Team Member (4) Contractor (5) 2. I would like to allow the Project Member to assign roles on the Project Level (see attached file) without the ability to choose App Admin or Org Admin from the Option Set. 3. My thought is to make an option set of Roles on the Project Level “Project Roles”…the complexity is which Organization to attach the “Project Roles” to. My only thought is to have some kind of cascading data set that I have seen on some posts…it’s all terribly confusing for my current experience level.

Any help is appreciated : )

Hi there, @marcus.tuttle1… I’m going to admit that I didn’t really attempt to understand your diagram, but this statement seems to be pretty straightforward…

First, I’ll assume when you wrote Project Member, you meant Project Manager. So, if you are simply trying to let the Project Manager assign a role to a member of the project team but you don’t want App Admin or Org Admin to be assignable roles, you can use your original option set and put a conditional on the dropdown that displays the selectable roles…

Apologies if I have misunderstood what you are trying to do, but hopefully I’m not far off and this answer can help you out.


Nope, that will do it. Thanks for the cheat code! Again, I appreciate your attention and help!

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