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Adding team members to a project and adding their roles

I have a project management app which will allow users to add team members to their projects and select the team members roles.

I’m having trouble creating the team. I tried using a custom state but can’t figure out how since the team consists of two lists.

I have datatype called “project” (has a “name” and “order number”)

I have an option set called roles with the three options as view only, collaborator and admin.

A data type called “team” with a list of users, a list of “roles” and a “project”.

And a data type called “tasks” that has a “project” and “order number”

I have it set up like this because I want tasks within a project to have have the same team and their roles with the ability to change roles or remove team members from individual tasks.

But I also want the order numbers of a project and task to be unique to the individual team member. So if someone changes the order number of a project or task, it wont change the order number of the project or task for everyone else on the team.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to create a “Team” with the list pf users and their roles so I’m unsure if this is the right way to set up the data.

When users are creating a project, I want them to be able to add team members by selecting their role. I have a repeating group with a list of users and inside the list of users is their name and a group containing a horizontal repeating group with the list of roles.

Does anyone know how to add the list of user and each of their roles to a custom state so that when they projects “save” button is clicked, it can create the team from that state?