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Censoring email addresses/ phone numbers

Hey Guys,

Anyone using Regex to censor email addresses/ phone numbers ala Airbnb? Would love to know how you do it.

I’d like to allow my customers to talk to each-other whilst making sure they stay on the platform (I’m a marketplace).

Cheers, Greg

There are so many ways that an individual can write an email that it cannot be 100%effective. You would need many regex to find even the most basic of circumvents.

You would be better to provide features to encourage them to stay on the platform than trade outside.

Hi Dave,

Sure. I agree to an extent, but i’m also working in a live environment and tracking my customers live. I really do understand my market well (working on an accelerator) and am funded.

My question is a technical one and if employed now, will create a wider funnel and more sales leads.

Feature creep at such an early stage only dilutes the overall core function of the business. If I can just figure out how to paritally open communication to hand hold customers to the next stage, it will be beneficial.