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Hide Email Reply Address Like Craigslist Possible?

I would like to be able to hide an outgoing email reply-to address so as not to give away the email of the user.

Is there a way to mask the users email and have it still send to each user back and forth to one another via Bubble?

Any luck with this? Seems highly-dependent on server-side configuration.

No answers yet from anyone who has done it unfortunately.

Not sure if it’s server-side related either but it would be nice to have a MASK for the email address that can be turned on or off.

Hi @JustinC, do you know if there are updates on this? I’m very interested also.

It is useful to built a reply system on email that doesn’t bring the users outside of the app.

or maybe there is some external service that provides this feature?


I tried to find external services that provide this functionality but could not find any. If anyone finds one I would be interested too.