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I would like to wake up this topic from the dead: Please make cols center in horz repeating groups - #2 by keith

Is there any solution to this? I have some popup notifications with a variable mount of items that could be displayed in a horizontal repeating group. It would be so much nicer if there was a “center cells horizontally” option with that.

In this example, the card item is sadly aligned to the left on its own: :slightly_frowning_face:

Wouldn’t it be a lot better if it was centered?

If the option is not available—as far as my observation goes–what is then the work around? Can it be achieved with some CSS?

Anyone has a suggestion here perhaps?

In a similar vein, I am trying to have a right-aligned repeating group.

I tried my luck with a reverse-RG but as expected, it only flips vertically.

In this case I need the little flags to stack to the right, against the arrow pointing to the larger flat:
2021-02-23 (3)

2021-02-23 (4)

Instead they stack to the left, as usual.

Would be so useful to have the option to align cells in the RG somehow.

One Idea:
Une conditionnal to change group / RG according to the count of card. Display a single group if 1, RG with two column if 2 and RG with 3 column with 3 or more (and user can horizontal scroll the RG).

I’m not sure if actually there’s a plugin that can work for your case.

Yeah, hypothetically that could work if you work with a fixed cell numbers. Sadly there is no condition to change cell numbers in conditions.

You don’t change the number of cell. You create three Group or RG and show them conditionnaly.

Okay I see, that would be a workaround, albeit cumbersome.

If the number of cells vary from 1 to 8 I need to stack 8 RG groups one on top of the other. I guess it could work. But then again I wouldn’t need RG groups if I did that. I could just use a regular group with 8 sub-groups and achieve the same.

Not a bad idea–thanks!, but not ideal :wink:

Absolutely Agree. It’s a workaround and there’s some limit to consider.
But actually from your screenshot, the RG seem to handle 3 cards between you need to scroll. So You don’t need to care about 4+ because the display is the same as 3.
But this is the kind of request that Bubble need to consider and maybe the futur responsive setting will help with this kind of stuff :wink:

You mean the cards in the initial OP screenshot? It is vertical scrolling a the moment. There’s the “normal” expected to appear there (between 1 and 3) but it could go beyond that. So yeah it’s a little tricky, but a conditional fixed amount of cells–centered–would be ideal here.

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