Centraalklus.nl launched 🥳

Hey Bubblers,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve made my second application for my country called centraalklus.nl wich is a application for house owners and professionals in the construction sector.

Both parties can create an profile page easily with a step-by-step walk through and it’ll be a global place for homeowners to find there nearest plumber, Carpenter and more!

we’ve used the template Uplance from @ZeroqodeSupport , it is a really outcome for my organization to have the code-tools on ourself, our first idea was to let the development part to an extern organization but since we’re almost hitting 2020 we didn’t want our core-business to be left on a extern party, a recommendation to every start-ups or no-coder.

feedback about the design would be appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @Jumpdesk
thanks for using our template! :slight_smile:
Great job and best of luck!

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Nice looking site. I try to give feedback on design later on. But first there is grammatical error: “Vindt” has to be “Vind”.

Which template did you use?

Good luck with this site!

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Thanks for the feedback, changed the whole text and haven’t done a grammer check … thanks for the tip! I used the uplance template from zeroqode which was a perfect headstart for my idea!


could anyone please delete this topic ? this post is right below my own domain on google and I don’t want that.

I don’t see this topic on google.

Don’t mind the first square (haha) also it’s weird that google still displays my older pages of my website that are deleted

It’s because they still exist on Bubble and you can revert to those dates in the editor right?

I never noticed that you can’t delete the posts…
Meanwhile, if it is disturbing, you can edit the messages and hide the name of your app so that no one can see that this post is related to it.