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Hey Bubblers,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve made my second application for my country called wich is a application for house owners and professionals in the construction sector.

Both parties can create an profile page easily with a step-by-step walk through and it’ll be a global place for homeowners to find there nearest plumber, Carpenter and more!

we’ve used the template Uplance from @zeroqode , it is a really outcome for my organization to have the code-tools on ourself, our first idea was to let the development part to an extern organization but since we’re almost hitting 2020 we didn’t want our core-business to be left on a extern party, a recommendation to every start-ups or no-coder.

feedback about the design would be appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @Jumpdesk
thanks for using our template! :slight_smile:
Great job and best of luck!

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Nice looking site. I try to give feedback on design later on. But first there is grammatical error: “Vindt” has to be “Vind”.

Which template did you use?

Good luck with this site!

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Thanks for the feedback, changed the whole text and haven’t done a grammer check … thanks for the tip! I used the uplance template from zeroqode which was a perfect headstart for my idea!