[Challenge] - Create a new Repeating group row without database

There is still no ability in Bubble to create such forms?

Can we have this two thithings “Thing1” & “Thing2” of diff data types?


I mean, sure, you can have those data types. But not in the same List. (Bubble is “strongly typed” as we say.)

So… you can have Thing1. And you can have Thing2. But you can’t LITERALLY have a list composed of things of both types. You can create some Thing3 that has a field of Thing1 type and a field of Thing2 type, though.

Not sure what your question is?


I have thing1 which is list of objects(comes from API) then onclick of add button i want to append one record of same type to the list. When i click add button , how i can create object of API data type?

By fetching such an object from the API connector. That or faking one via similar means.

I know Bubble’s support for objects is weak, but… well there it is. Bother support about it if so inclined.

sorry i ddn’t understand , but is there any solution for this?
I have tried making it happen using JSON plugins as well. But unfortunately i was not able to make it happen.

How to delete that created row? Like, delete the current row?

Hi @cmarchan thanks for your tip, but the problem is when you need to delete a specific row, this logic just work to delete always the last row… what do you think about this?


Hi @fabian.banushi

Did you find a solution?