Make multiple things from Rows in RG

Hi, I have a repeating group that the user puts in data (like first name, last name, etc.)
for several people. I am trying to set up Bubble so that it will create a thing for each row’s person. However, I cannot figure out how to create multiple things from one button. I will put illustration below:

This is RG witch the user can input all of the group members names (1 per row)

And when submit button is clicked I want to create a thing for each row but from what I can tell bubble only lets you modify a list or create a single thing.
Neither of which work.

Thanks for any help! Really appreciate it!


You can not access the elements within an individual repeating group cell from outside of the repeating group. In other words, in your screenshot above, the “submit” button’s workflow will not be able to access the input values within each cell.

There are two ways of handling this:

Awesome thanks for the helo @sam.morgan ! I will try both and see which one is better!