Repeating group to the database

Hello there!

I’m new in the bubble, and just wondering, is there a way to get some text fields from the repeating group, and create things from them in the database?
So each new row will have some value from the repeating group row.

Will be glad to hear any advice!

Your can use RG’s DisplayList to get the items displayed in the list, and possibly index too to pick certain RG cells by index

hey @deadpoetnsp, thank you for your response
Yeah, I can get a list here, but how can I get specific row?

Also, how can I do loop throught the all repeating group lines to create a new record to the database?
Here, on the workflow is only the option to create one thing…
So can I create a list of things?

There is a plugin by @keith known as ListShifter that might help with manipulating the contents of the RG

You can do a :filter on the DisplayList of the RG to filter certain elements, and then can write them to the DB with a workflow

@deadpoetnsp looks like there is no option to work with usual workflow and bulk action create.
And manipulation with RG, filtering etc will not help with “create a list of thing”

If it were me then I would do as @deadpoetnsp mentioned and use the excellent List Shifter plugin, you would just use your trigger to BEGIN ITERATE and then in each Iterate workflow you’d add a Create a new thing… action (plus whatever else you want to do). You can even have an Iteration Complete workflow to run actions once all of the RG rows have been processed.

Now when the workflow runs it will create a new thing in the db for each row of your Repeating group and then optionally run workflow afterwards.

If you do use this plugin please make sure to throw a few $$$ Keith’s way (it is Karma-ware!!)

Thank you for the explanation, now it looks much more clearer.
And thank you @deadpoetnsp for the suggestion, just didn’t get you right from the beginning.
I tried it, and it seems to work with the repeating group.

But I have one more question. Can I somehow put the values to the repeating group dynamically from multyline input?
For example, each row should be a new list item on the repeating group. So, the user will put some data to the multiline input, and I need to store each line of the input to the database separately, as a different record.

I tried to do some manipulation with code(javascript) and put the values into specific RG text HTML tags when the user will click the button. But looks like it is not stored as RG rows values :frowning: I just changed the HTML, and can not use these values on the workflow.

Any suggestions on this?