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Change a button from Buy to Sold

Hello -

I’m using Stripe as my processor and would like to change a “BUY” button to “SOLD”.

What I’m trying to prevent is when users accesses a product on my app they are given updated information that a product is sold and not the perception that it’s available.

Wasn’t sure if there is a workflow trigger with Stripe that I could use or a set up a condition.

Any advice would be helpful.

How are you recording the item being sold in your own database?

I would uset up some type of record keeping to track if an item is available (using a number for stock count or possibly a Yes/No) in your own database and workflows.

IF there is availability of the item
THEN show Buy button, and Hide Out of Stock button/text

IF there is no availability of the item
THEN hide Buy button and Show Out of Stock button/text

thanks for the reply and great question.

The concept behind my site is that I have sellers posting their products that buyers can purchase.

I don’t own the inventory, and I’m using Stripe to facilitate the transactions and I’m just taking a fee for the transaction.

Can’t think clearly in my head how to set it up correctly based on that

Definitely, mostly comes down to how you set up your data.

I would have data types and fields:
-list of products
-list of receipts

-For Sale? (type=yes/no)
-seller (type=User)

-buyer (type=user)
-seller (type=user)
-amount paid
-fee paid
-Product sold (type=product)

When a user adds a product to the system, create a Product (fields, name, description, price, and set For Sale to ‘Yes’

When the product gets bought then change the For Sale field to ‘No’ (the yes/no will allow you to distinguish the difference between sold and available items)

I would also create a receipt when the sale of the product happens, helps for record keeping purposes