Change a data in the database

Basically I need to “+1” a number in the database each time the user click a button (a sort of counter).
How could I achieve this? Because when I click in the workflow “make changes to a thing” I can only select the thing I want to edit but not HOW.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

If your thing is a number type, when selecting the field you will see the math options, just add +1 to the value.

Can you give me a screen? Because when I write +1 the text become red and give me an error…must be doing something wrong.

Show me how you doing. The screen with the red error.

after this is if I enter the “+1” in the thing to change box it become red

Becuase you have to edit the field using the “Change another field” button.

So press on the “Change another field” button, and then select the field -> This (database) field + 1

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