Thing to change not working!

Hi, pretty straightforward problem.

I have a database of games.

The data type is called ‘games’
it has multiple fields, ‘game name, works, doesn’t work’

the fields ‘works’ and ‘doesn’t work’ are ‘numbers’ and that is what i’m trying to alter based on what the user selects when they submit a form.

the form will consist of checking off ‘works’ or doesn’t ‘work’ and then hitting ‘submit’.

When the user submits i was trying to use ‘make changes to a thing’ to add exactly one number to the specific entry in the row of the specific game.

Any time I use the workflow to ‘make a change to a thing’ it forces me to change the ‘first item’

How the heck do you change a specific exact field entry??

So basically you want a list of games, and the number of times someone has said whether it works or doesnt work? So you could see something like “Game Name”:“5”:“1” and that means that 5 people say Game Name works and 1 says it doesnt?

take a print of your database and workflow

yes thats right

If I were you I’d make a data type like “reviews” with multiple fields: “game”, “works” (as a yes/no field) and any other criteria you might want to add in the future. Keep your data type “games” with ‘game name’. When someone submits your form, “create a new thing” and make that thing a “review”, where the user selects the game name and whether or not it works.

If you want the count of people that say the game works, use something like: “Do a search for” to search for “reviews” and then filter those results (using ‘filter’) to select reviews where “works” is “yes”, and then use “count” to get the number of such reviews. Good luck!

you’re right that might be a better route

Workflow: If game “works”
Make changes to a thing → game → change the “works” number to be: current game’s number + 1

and make it -1 if they select “doesn’t work”. Hard to imagine a case where a game works and doesnt work at the same time.

Ok, i’m trying to do a count, on the field ‘works’ but it doesn’t give me the option. this is so confusing sometimes, for something that should make sense. wish i had a better grasp on it.