Change a thing with a Do search for

Hello everyone…

I’m trying to change a thing… (trying to add an image to an empty field)

I’m using an uploader (a plugin) to upload some images to the file manager and database.

After uploading each file I’m trying to add the first image as a cover (to skip: do a search for and find the first image on the Repeating Group)

The way I do this is:

So basically I’m trying to change Cover (which is an empty field) with a Do search for accessing the Datatype which contains all the images and finding the right image by vehicle ID and order which in this case is an arbitrary text which contains the number: 1

Logically for me is fine but maybe I’m missing something because it doesn’t add the image to the field…

Any idea how to fix this?


Have you checked in the debugger to see what’s going on?

Yes… It finds the image… But I do not understand why it doesn’t take it.


I doubt it’s the image that’s the issue. More likely that you’re not defining the thing to change correctly. Use the debugger to check every step in the process, and make sure everything is correctly defined.

Well… In the debugger, it’s all OK (to my knowledge)

Here are my steps:

After I click the button (which uploads all the files)

  1. Create a new thing
  2. Trigger the uploader to rename all the files according to what I have specified
  3. Set custom state to retrieve the ID of the: Create new thing (later I need this to attach to every file to the database. While it renames the files it triggers a recursive workflow while uploading and renaming and attaching the ID to each file in the database (you helped me with this))
  4. I make change to a thing (here I’m stuck) Finding the thing in Database with the ID which is stored in the custom state that I used before (which works) In that this is a field COVER which I have to store an image which I’m trying to find with a do a search for in the database which are all images. I’m trying to find the images (which have just been uploaded) with the ID (which is in the custom state that I used before) and the ORDER which is the number of each image for sorting (later in the repeating group)

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Technically it should work

Thanks for answering

Well, clearly it’s not all ok, or it would be working…

I’m not sure anyone will be able to help you much here with such little info to go on, without having a proper look inside your app… it could be any number of things that you’re doing wrong.

Feel free to share a link to your editor if you want someone to take a closer look (although I’m sure anyone taking a look would only check the debugger and/or server logs to find the issue - so it might be just as well to spend some time learning how to properly use the debugger and/or server logs to diagnose issues like this, both now and in the future, yourself).

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thank you… may I send you the link in private?

Sure, DM it to me and I’ll take a look.

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