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How replace things and no add things


How replace a data? i can just add another line in the table… is there a easy way to do that?
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You can change the content of a line in the database by using Make changes to a thing, and then mapping the fields you want to change (potentially all of them).

If you want to completely replace a line (new Unique ID etc), you would have to first delete it, and then add a new one.

Hi, thank you for your post… in tried it, but i can not change to a thing… the options in the list are in grey…

It’s hard to say what’s wrong without a more detailed description/some screenshots, or having a look at the page itself in the shared app.

Can you describe it in more detail or copy/paste it to the open app?

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yes, you right !

So, i explain, i try to make a “best seller” app.
The goal is to display the image of the best seller on the main page. (ok it’s fake of course)

Sellers enter their profile image (image), what they sold (object) and the color (color)

On this moment, each time I click on “Send my results” i have a new entry, with a new image, a new object and a new color…

That i want to do, is to keep the image (because it is always the same seller with a login form), change the object and the color, and replace in the database to have always only one line in database.

to make the form i did it :

When i want to “change thing”, i can not select the fields, they are grey…

The second (and last thing) i can’t do, is to display just the picture of the seller who sold a plane in my main page…

I hope i was enough clear :slight_smile: sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do, but in order to “make changes to a thing” you will first need to select “Do a search for” from the menu, and then specify the thing that you are searching for, namely “myprofile”. I suspect at that point you should be able to retrieve and modify the record that you are attempting to modify.

I hope that helps.

Will the seller be a logged in user? In that case, you can attach the Thing to the User, and using “Do a search for” (as @1984labrat mentions) and setting current user as a constraint. If so, you would use “Make changes to a thing”, not “Create a new thing”.

I’m still not entirely sure what you want to do though – if you keep replacing the record in the database, won’t it be impossible to determine who the best seller is? As I see it now, what you are setting up is basically a “last item sold” feature.

When i want to “change thing”, i can not select the fields, they are grey…

The elements that are grey in your list are the visual elements on the page itself. Not the database records. So they cannot be changed this way.