Change a thousand value into "k"


is it possible when a value reached a thousand it will change to “k” example is 1,010 it will change to 1k

You would probably want to do this only visually, and keeping the exact number in the database.

In that case, you can use Conditions on the text. If the value>1000, return 1k.

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how about making it dynamic? because how about when it reached 2,000 and so on…? since the conditions set to > 1000 when it reached 2000 it will still show 1k also

im guessing to make the value formatted to single digit then just add a normal text “k” IF its possible also need to try it out.

like ex.
current cell numbers:formatted 1k

Yeah, you could do that. Such as:


You will have to set up a condition for each additional zero though (for numbers bigger than 9999, 99999 etc.)

thanks but what i did is this

here’s the result

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you can try to use this plugin

Hi Jobin,

I cant change the size of this box, even i can see its working or not can you please do more update than i can change the style, font, size?


I think you may get the return value and display it using normal text