Making a number display as 06 rather than just 6

I have a formula which is:

mynumber / 1000 <- modulo -> 60 - 0.5:rounded to 0:formatted as 1029

When the number is less than 10 it is displaying as a single digit, e.g. 7, whereas I need to it to be a double digit, e.g. 07

What am I missing?

You will have to specify how you want that number to appear with a condition that says, when the result of your calculation is less than 10, add a 0 in front of it.

It would look like this:


Keep in mind that even that will not work in an input that is formatted as an integer. Here’s a quick screenshot showing this.

The text field and both inputs are set with the exact same conditions but the one set as an integer removes the manually set 0.

Good luck!


Thanks for that excellent explanation and for taking the time to illustrate it. That was very helpful. Made total sense and achieved the job.



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