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Change button shape

Does anyone know how I can change the picture Input Button to a different shape? I want to change it to a camera looking shape instead

Thank you a bunch.

Not sure what you mean by the picture input button? Is it a button, an input or an image? Those are all separate elements with their own special styling rules.

If it’s a button, you might be able to add an icon to achieve what you are thinking. It’s demonstrated here (you can copy those elements to your own app).

The other elements like image and input, I’m not too sure. I’ve been messing around a lot with the front-end of bubble and I use a lot of groups inside groups and stick together a lot of boxes. I’ve been able to do anything that’s within the realm of bootstrap possibility with very little learning curve.

If you do achieve what you want, post a screenshot! Inspiration is always useful :slight_smile: