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Changing Style of Ziggeo input button

There was another question like this but it was from a couple months ago and wasn’t really answered. Is there any way to change the style of the Ziggeo input button. Also, is there any way to skip the uploading and processing screens? It is really bad UX in my opinion, and the feedback I’ve gotten so far seems to agree. On the plus side, the functionality is really good!

We don’t have that yet unfortunately.

Bummer, alright well thanks for the quick reply. Is there any estimate on when you would have it, or is it too far in the future to estimate?

It’s not that it’s far in the future, it’s more like it’s probably not the first thing people need and have asked for on our list. But if it’s critical for your app we can try to squeeze it in, that’s what [email protected] and sponsoring is for. It’s a way for users when they have a critical need to have us move things around a little bit.

Has this been corrected yet?

Are we able to adjust Ziggeo styling?

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Would love to know more about this.

+1 - I’m interested in changing the style as well. Background colors, and control icons for the video playback would be nice too, maybe even screen overlays with text?