Change button text when pressed

I have a button which says “Going?” and when pressed I want it to say “Joined”. I have set the button condition to say “Joined” when pressed, which works but then when you let go of the click button it reverts back to the original “Going?” text. How do I make it say “Joined” when pressed and remain saying joined after you let go?


Create a “custom state” in this button called “clicked” (type yes/no). Create a workflow to change this custom state to YES when the button is clicked and, in the button, create a condition to change the text to “Joined” when this custom state is “YES”.

You can create this custom state by clicking in the “info” button located in the top of this card you print/share….


That’s fantastic thank you. I did have another related issue but just resolved that so all good :slight_smile:

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