Change Currency display based on User location

Hey Bubblers,

I’m working on a marketplace app for restaurants. While I’m focusing on users in the US, I have contacts in the UK who might be interested.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to dynamically change the Currency Format to adjust to $ or £ based on the users location? Currently it only seems like you can fix an option (image below).


I think you can use IP Geolocation plugin to know the user’s location, and based on that you can change the currency (I think you can make a list where if the user’s location is US, currency is $, if the user’s location is France, currency is euro).

If the first solution doesn’t work, you can make a list to display the most international currencies ($, euro…) and let the user choose the currency and depend on what the user choose, you set a state’s value to something (e.g value 1 is for $, value 2 is for euro…).

I haven’t tried any of these solution but they are a good way to start. You can use your creativity to choose how each way works. Hope this helps!

try using geographic position option in condition and accordingly set the currency. You will have to try it out, I’m not sure how effectively it works.


The first approach worked perfectly. Thanks for the idea.


For some reason my geolocation wasn’t getting picked up.

Hello Gokul, any chance you could share what you did to implement this? I am having a similar problem at the moment.