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Currency localization

When formatting numbers or setting an input field, we are able to select “Currency” as data format.
It seems to me that the currency format is not localized.
For instance, if I choose to format a number as a currency and I set my app language to French, I get “€22” while in fact it should be “22€”.

I know there are some workarrounds, but it would be nice to have this localized :slight_smile:


I’ll second this. Would be very helpful for localization/multi-country apps.

A related improvement would be auto-setting an input’s currency type to their default currency based on an attribute on the user’s profile.

Currently, I would have to create a conditional for each type of currency to properly set the input. Ie.

  • When Current User’s Default Currency is Euro, then Currency is €
  • When Current User’s Default Currency is USD, then Currency is $
  • Etc…

An alternative is to save the “currency” in two parts: the actual numerical value and then the associated currency symbol and re-join/display them in proper order, as needed. (Has tradeoffs and can’t fully recommend it, but accomplishes the intent).


As a follow up, if anyone is looking to develop a solution for this, an answer may be here.

Note that the ISO_4217 doesn’t speak to formatting. But this may offer a good solution.