Change date/month/year in a list of dates

Hi. Trying to learn how to use
Enjoying it so far, but stuck on a particular problem.

I have a Data Type “Booking” that has field “Availability” that is a list of date ranges.
Can do a search for bookings and store Availability via set state into “date-list” which again is a list of date ranges.

However, I would like to change the date/month/year of the “date-list” after the search.
Can’t seem to make it work, which is weird as I can manipulate in other ways using date functions.

For example.
I can converted to a list of text by doing “date-list:start:formatted as 08:00am”
But can’t do “date-list:start change years to 2021”, which is accessible for a single date object.

You can use the list shifter plugin to do it. Check out the showcase page for the list shifter plugin and read through some of the posts from a few months back. There is a ‘process list’ action setup that you can make the changes.

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