Is this possible in bubble?

Hi All.

I wonder if this is possible. I need to make changes to a list of datatype, currently, I loop through every item and make the changes as required. This takes way too long so I wonder if this is possible:

DatatypeA has:

  • Date
  • Value

Make changes to a list of DatatypeA
Value (list of values)= list of numbers.

For example, if I have 10 DataypeA.

Date1 = 1/09/2021
Value1 = 100000

Date10= 10/09/2021

I would have a list of 10 new numbers, and just want to replace the old list of 10 values with the list of new 10 numbers.

Is this remotely possible without looping?

thanks in advance

nope … looping would be needed

If you keep the datatype then @cmarchan is right.

You could decide to remove the datatype and just have a list of dates and list of values. You’d have to do the dirty business of adding/removing pairs among other things but in that world you could replace the values in the value list with another.

Generally dont reocmmend this approach though - as complexity can climb quickly. But just adding it as an option.

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thanks… thought so.
a possible solution would be to use something like Integromat to do the heavy lifting then send a list of data type back via an API.

Anyone think they can help me with this let me know. (a fee for your time of course).

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