Change Dropdown Captions Conditionally

Hey Gang,

Might be a stupidly-simple question, or might not be a way to do this…

I have a dropdown menu and I would like to change the Option Caption conditionally for various options.

Primary use case: I have a list of Users. Each User has an account. If the user listed is in a different account than the ‘current user’, i want their account listed in the caption. If they’re in the same account, it can just be their name.

Is this possible?
Appreciate the help as always, thanks!!

What I have:

What I want (assumingthe ‘current user’ is in “Clique”)

Is there an option in the caption to do a conditional formatted as text? If so true can be empty and false (not in account) can be ([account]).

Nailed it! That worked perfect, thanks so much!