Multiselect Dropdown by Bubble: Can't change "Option caption" via conditions tab

Hello everybody !
Need a little assistance.

I am using Multiselect Dropdown by Bubble.
By default, option captions are English labels and it works.

The problem begins as I trying to change “Option caption” parameter via conditions tab - there is no such item in the list:

Do you know a way how to change “Option caption” parameter of “Multiselect Dropdown by Bubble” via condition ?

Thanks in advance.

The question is still open. Needed to perform localization of “multiselect dropdown by bubble” captions. Stuck.

Also waiting for this, it’s an important feature. The multiselect dropdown is great, but I need conditionality on the Option Caption. @emmanuel, could you tell us if this is likely to be added soon, or if there is a workaround otherwise?

Little hack that worked for me. Create a condition with an option caption in a normal dropdown. Copy the condition and paste it in the multidropdown


Thank you!

This is fantastic! Didn’t know you could conditionals like that. I guess Bubble should get around to fixing this issue in general, but this fully solves my issue

3 years later, this is still the best solution. I’ve spent the entire afternoon finding a solution and this is the only thing that worked for me.