Change fields of thing only when inputs are empty

Hello everyone,

I try to create an information sheet for my customers (data type “Clients”) with a lot of input (photo 1). If I want to modify a client information, I enter the data in the input and click on Save. Using the “Make change to Clients” event (see photo 2), if I enter only one input and click Save, Bubble considers the other inputs to be empty and erases the existing data. I have tried putting placeholder and initial content on all my inputs but I have the same problem. I would have to define a default value of the input but it is not possible.

Another option is to do as many “Make change to thing” events as inputs and change the data only “When the input is not empty”. It works, but it’s tedious and bubble takes a long time to do all of these things.

Do you have any idea how I could do this ?

Hey @raphael1

You have two options for this:

Option 1:
What you can do is setting a state on the page for each input. Build the workflow ‘When input’s value is changed’ > Set state = This Input’s value
Then build your workflow with an action for each field ‘When Save is clicked’ > Make changes to Clients > ‘field’ = field’s state’s value only when field’s state’s value is not empty

For example:

  1. Nom Société’s value is changed to “Bubble” > Set state NomSociété = Bubble
  2. When clicking Save, Make Changes to Current Page Client > Nom Société = NomSociété’s value only when NomSociété’s value is not empty

Option 2 (less workflows):
Build Make Changes to Client workflows for each input, whenever the input’s value is changed. That means the data will be changed immediately when the input is changed, and User wouldn’t have to click on ‘Save’ anymore.

Hope this helps

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Hi Ambroise,

Thank you for your help, I will try the option 2, I didn’t know this workflow. I think it is perfect for me.


Hi @raphael1,

I just stumbled upon this thread, and unless I’m misunderstanding, it sounds like this might be an ideal use-case for Bubble’s auto-binding feature. The user will not have to explicitly save the changes…

Could potentially save you lots of time and hassle.


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