Change font per user

Hi all, I’m trying to allow for my users to change the header and sub header fonts of their form, but I can’t add dynamic data into the condition.

Any tips on how to achieve this please?

You need to create a datatype in the database and store the relevant information i.e. font size, background color, style etc and link the user table. Now on the property editor — appearance tab — get the data dynamically.

This way you can let the user choose styling and store it in the database.

Thank you @Nobi

How do I get the data dynamically please? I can’t see where to add the dynamic data to the appearance settings

Hi @lisaalger !

You can do it using CSS. :wink:

  1. Set the Attribute ID of your text element to “text123”;
  2. Insert a HTML element in your editor and write this:


Then place you dynamic font-family there.

You can see it working here.
Editor here.

@rpetribu perfect, thank you so much!

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@rpetribu do you know if it only allow for a few google fonts? I’m trying to use some of the handwriting ones but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks in advance


You can upload your .ttf file anywhere then import it to Bubble using the same HTML file using this code:

@font-face {
   font-family: FONT_NAME_HERE;
   src: url(FONT_URL_HERE);

I updated my editor so you can take a better look.

Link here.
Editor here.

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Really appreciate all your help :raised_hands:

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