Dynamic Font Family and Font Size

I’d like my users to choose fonts and font sizes from a list. Bubble is currently not great for this in it’s current state.

My solution of importing a small library of Google Fonts into the header (via JS import on page load) and excessive conditional formatting will prove too inefficient at scale. Therefore, having dynamic font family/font size options would be fantastic.

For now, it doesn’t have to be complicated – It can function exactly as dynamic text, extracting data from a set:




I’d like this too, is there any update? @emmanuel @josh @Bubble

Yes, me too. My app has a booking form that my users embed into their web site and I want them to be able to use a url parameter to set the font family so it can match their existing web site font…

Thank you for the feature suggestion. We just spoke about it internally and we’ll put it on our list of things to do, though we won’t mark it as a priority at the moment given the other things already on our roadmap.


Hey @neerja and other bubble admin. Any update on this? I would really appreciate having font size that we can change conditionally. The alternative is a lot of work, or to use HTML. Hopefully this feature can be brought to fruition. Please! With a cherry on top. :wink: :cherries:

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I’m pulling this up again. Please make this true.

Also this user is having this problem too. It would be nice to just have a slider to adjust page’s text size.

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Any news on this. I think in these times of catering for disabilities of all time (include eye sight issues) this kind of this is a necessity not a luxury.

I need to offer a choice of fonts and sizes to cater for dyslexia, color blindness, etc. Not everyone has the same eye sight and so allowing people to customize fonts and sizes is just good ethical practice.

Still waiting on this, @Bubble can we please make this an option, it’s really annoying to have to try to use HTML elements just to make the font size dynamic. It really makes things difficult. Please please consider adding Font Size as a dynamic element. Thanks for considering. It has been almost 2 years now and maybe you guys forgot about this.

Would you like to see this implemented? Please vote here:

  • Yes, absolutely! Why isn’t this implemented already??
  • No, would never use it.
  • Maybe I can see this being helpful.

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I think this is becoming REALLY important. There are many visually impaired people who need to increase the font size, or possibly pick a font that is easier for them to read. I understand people with dyslexia also have certain fonts they find easier to read.

Come on Bubble. Make this a top priority. Maybe when you’re over 60 you’ll realise that having the ability to increase font sizes or change fonts isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity for some :slight_smile:


@eve can you send this up maybe for your next list of updates when you have a hackathon again. This would be so helpful. I had to do things in HTML to make this work for me and it was super annoying and not very helpful. Thanks! :blush: Can’t wait to see what you guys do for your next hackathon day!


That would be awesome. I am most Bubble developers would find this to be a brilliant addition.

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Chiming in here! This feature is critical for us to launch on Bubble. Would love to see this as a summer update.

Thanks for all you do Bubble!

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Would also like this feature please! Trying to implement an “increase font size” button and I’m left with either creating a separate condition for each font size possibility or nothing at all…



We can’t have this feature unavailable for more long, it’s really a must-have. Bubble offers tons of amazing and powerful features, dynamic fonts / font size is a basic one already implemented in a lot of other No-code tools.

Please, help, put this enhancement atop of the ER list! :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

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@allenyang too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


me too! we really need it


Adding on to this, super important for my app but seems there’s not even any workarounds or anything… :frowning:

perfect idea! if it doesn’t already exist in bubble, it definitely should.

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For anyone who stumbles onto this in the future, while I wasn’t able to easily do dynamic font styles, I believe the free ““ABC” dynamic resize element” plugin will be able to help you with dynamic font sizes. Hope it helps :slight_smile: