"Change hours to" is not working? or I'm not doing it right?

I don’t want to save a “TIME” on the database, I just want “Date”. Because I have a calendar with events. If I save the time, it won’t show on the calendar. I try using Change hours to 0 but it saves on the database as 12. but the Change minutes to and change seconds to is working with 0.

Please help


12:00am is 00:00 - you don’t get the choice to not save Time. Set it to zero and all should be well.

Thank you! I set this to 24 because I’m not using 12hrs format. and the problem is its on the next day, So what I did is I add days but the value is -1. it works.

Thank you for replying! appreciate it.

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If it works then good :slight_smile:

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