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"Change Hours" writes wrong time in database


I try to save a Date/Time value in the database an have a wrong time saved. When I take the Date/Time-Picker and save - I have no problem. My local time (UTC+2) ist saved.

But as far as I use the “change hours” function I have a problem.

As you see here I give the hour the fixed value “8”:

When debugging everything seems to be ok:

But with a look in the database I have the hour “10” stored.

Seems to be a problem that the functions always calculates beginning from UTC and not from the local time?
Or what can I do instead?

Thank you,

There is only one time that is saved. regardless or where you are in the world (it’s a number that is a UNIX time stamp). So your issue isn’t what is saved, but how you display it. Check the formatted as option and pick a timezone, that’ll do it.


Thank you for the fast answer. But that doesn’t work.
I have a date/time value. I change the hour to a fix value “8”. Save it and when I read the time and display it like this

there are different replies:
Saved by a date/time-picker: 8:00 showed (correct)
Save by the formula: 10:00 showed (incorrect)

What do I do wrong?

Hi, I would be happy to hear the solution - how can I use “change hours” function without have a wrong time saved.
Thank you very much!

If you post a link to a real situation it’s easier for other to help.

Hope you can read the link. I did a prototype with the same problem

I think we’re hitting a bug indeed. We’ll look into it in the coming day.

Thank you!

This should be fixed now.

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Very fast service :smile:
Thank you so much