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Change order of coordinates

I am receiving some coordinates back from an api call that comes back in the format (longitude, latitude) I need to send this to another api but I need it in the format (latitude, longitude) so I just need to swap them over, anybody have any idea how to do this?

You could set a state when the coords come in.

state 1 name = latitude
state 1 value = received longitude

state 2 name = longitude
state 2 value = received latitude

Then in your workflow/API you would refer to the states’ values vs the received values.

Thank you scottb50 , that worked, not sure if I did exactly what you said , but I set state of a line of text to the received value i.e set state latitude on element text latitude = result of step 2’s coordinates first item and same with longitude . I then hid the text elements. I then had the coordinates as 2 separate values to use in api call . I think that is what you meant?

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