Change order of database entries

Hey there!
Meikel here from Germany, trying to build an online shop with bubble. I already have some items in the database, currently these items appear in the online shop ordered by creation date, apparently thats by default. Do you have a clue on how I can custom the order of the items in my shop ( = entries in the database) according to my preferences?

Thank you in advance!

You can sort your data in many different ways (either directly in the search or by adding the :sorted expression to the data source)…

What exactly are you trying to do?

Thanks for the reply!
So the following: I have a list of data entries: ordered by creation date for my online shop, lets say: - Salami

  • chicken
  • fruits etc.

Now I want to change the order for the online shop e.g. into:

  • Fruits
  • chicken
  • salami

How can I do that, using the database “App data” ??

If you’re talking about how to just change the order of what you see in your App Data tab - you can just click on the field at the top to sort the data by that field…

But if you’re talking about displaying data in your actual app, then as I said you can set the sorted-by field on the search, or add it afterwards (using :sorted).

But obviously, you need to have a field to sort by (either numerical, date, or alphabetical for example - depending on the field type).

So if you need to have some specific order for your data to display in your app then you’ll need to add a field to the datatype (presumably a Number field), and then use that as the field to sort by.

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Thanks adam, ! I think its really the last option, I will create an extra field with numbers !

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Thank you @adamhholmes