How to change columns display in an appdatabase view

Hi Bubble Community,

I would like to change the columns display order in a database view, is it possible ?
I understand the column order is based on the fields’ order within the data type list in the data type tab but seems not possible to change this.
Thank you !

This is currently not possible. You would have to build your own custom database view (e.g. on an admin page that is only accessed by you) using repeating groups if it is very important to you.

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Thanks @reger-alexander !
Too bad they don’ t have this feature.

Hmm… maybe I don’t understand what you mean, @geraud (and @reger-alexander is probably right), but just in case, if you are talking about the column display order on the App data tab, you can change the order of those columns by hovering over the column separators in the header until you get the crosshair cursor, and then you can click and drag the columns. You can also create modified views of the tables by clicking on the tiny n additional fields link located toward the upper right of the screen just above the table.

Hope this helps, and apologies if I have misunderstood your question and missed the mark here.



Great find and you’re absolutely right. What I noticed is that if you hover the cursor on the right side of the separator you can indeed change the order, while if you hover on the left side you can change the width (which I only knew about). :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mikeloc for the tips, that is exactly what I was looking for :wink:
However a side issue seems that when I edit the additional fields, it can randomly create some blank columns instead of displaying the data, as shown in the screenshot below. Have you ever experienced this issue ?

Cool… happy to help. I have never seen that issue before, but at first sniff, it might be “general Bubble weirdness” that I have become accustomed to addressing by refreshing the editor. I refresh the editor a lot. :slight_smile:

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Indeed a hard refresh helps ! Thanks again!

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