Change page's state when reusable menu in rg is clicked?

Hi, I need help please.

I’ve created a reusable element within an RG with a few options:


What I’m trying to do is set a state on the page outside of the repeating group.

Delete is fine (Works with parent group’s thing)
Duplicate is fine (Works with parent group’s thing)
BUT OPEN… I’m trying to set a state on the page and can’t find a work around!!

I’ve tried the following method which doesn’t work:
Create new field called ‘open’ in Parent groups thing
Wflow on the reusable element’s text ‘open’ to change parent group’s field Open to “Open”
Created a custom event to change the state outisde of the RG.
Created Trigger custom event (change the state) when data changes - do a search for Type’s ‘Open’

ANY other ideas???

It should be simple. The reusable has the datasource.

  • Set the type of the datasource the same as of the RG.
  • Place the reusable into the RG and set the datasource of the reusable as “Current cell [thing]”
  • Now the workflows from the reusable can use the Current cell thing
    That’s it.

@shpak.serhiy The state I’m trying to set is outside of the current cell/RG that the RE is in

Then try to use URL parameter for this.

Well done mate, had to read up on URL parameters but worked just fine - thanks

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